Today’s adventures

Today was a most interesting day. First while eating at a local hamburger joint, I had a conversation with a lonely senior, a WWII, Korea and Vietnam vet named Ira. Unlike many of his generation, Ira answer the call of duty in 1940, before Pearl Harbor was attacked. We exchanged military stories, talked a little about our families. Upon leaving I thanked him for his service for our country.

Drove up to Indian Land looking for possible photos  for “The Lancaster News” Indian Land photo contest. Most people when they think of Indian Land they thing of all the upper class communities, or the many new companies that are moving to Lancaster, SC. I was looking for something other than developed land.

Hike a little through Bailes Ridge Nature Trail LCPR,  a 3 acres park, located at Hwy 160 & Old Bailes Rd. Took about 50 to 60 photos along the train. After leaving the nature park I head home.

Before getting home while driving along Van Wyck Rd. I spied two men working in a large field by hand, no tractor to help with the planting. I stopped and asked if it was ok to take of photo of them. One came over to talk, and the other said okay to  be photographed. The man was name Terry and he was the owner of the Ivy Place. They were planting blueberries.

So now I am home and getting ready to process the photos to see if I have anything for the contest.Imagefarm


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