A cool day to work in the yard

A typical New England March day with lots of clouds, and a strong NW wind blowing, of course I live in South Carolina and really appreciated the cooler day. It is better than having the temp in the 70’s or low 80’s  like we have had this early since I have been down here.

Laura and I picked up some cinder blocks yesterday for a small raised garden in our backyard. In the cold drizzle of yesterday we laid out the block for the garden.

Today, I filled it with about 20 cu feet of soil, compost, cow manure and dirt. We will probably need some more soil to even everything out and then we will plant. Not sure what all Laura will be wanting to plant. Matters not to me, since I’m not much of a veggie eater.

Laura still wants to plant a separate garden for Katie to grow pumpkins.

The next step is to figure how to surround the garden with something to keep the deer from eating everything. That is what has happen on our past attempts to have a garden.

Some kind of netting surround the garden is what we are thinking about.




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