Everything I need to know about life I learn from Trees


Author unknown to me

As above so below, as below, so above.

The three realms are represented by the tree, the roots for the Underworld, the trunk for the Middle World and the branches for the Upper World.

It’s important to have roots.

In today’s world, it pays to branch out.

Don’t pine away over old flames.

If you really believe something, don’t be afraid to go out on a limb.

Be flexible, so you don’t break when a harsh wind blows.

Sometimes you have to shed your old bark in order to grow.

There are wide years and thin years and the lines show.

Grow were you are planted.

It’s okay to be a late bloomer.

Avoid people who would like to cut you down.

Lean into the sun and rain.

It’s more important to be honest, than popular.

Sometimes you have to pull up roots and move on.

Remember, give yourself time to blossom.

Share what you have learned with those who sit in your shade.

/|\ By sea, land, and sky, a hundred thousand blessings to all who read these words.


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