Crow in flight

Frozen Over Bay

Took a trip to Maryland over the weekend to see my brother Joe. We went down to Sandy Point State Park and took photos of the frozen over Chesapeake Bay just north of Annapolis, Maryland. The last time that I can remember the bay being this frozen was Jan or Feb 1977.

Frozen Chesapeak Bay lrcr

May the seed of potentiality bloom fully in your life this year.

Photo Challenge Day 5

The last day of the five day art challenge. Today’s photo are from Jan 2014, Many people hide when it snow, I take my camera and go out to enjoy myself.

snowy creek snowy tracks Stone cold rocks

Photo Challenge Day 4

Today photos is me playing with depth of field (DOF) while shooting my subject. Which do you like better the colour or B&W images:

BW black railing 1 BW black railing 2 BW black railing 3 Color black railing 1 Color black railing 2 Color black railing 3

Wintry Creek at High Water; One Smug Cat

Photo Challenge Day 3

“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”~ August Sander 1876 – 1964

My photos for today are about shadows,the play of light and dark.

Shadows in the Park 1 Shadows in the Park 2 Shadows in the Park 3